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At Financialchargeback, we will not only get you your money back; it is also our responsibility to ensure that the funds are being returned to thier rightful owner. Once we have located your money, no one will be able to claim the funds under false pretense or by using identity theft.

Cutting-edge financial forensics

As our client, you will find that the sky is not our limit, rather it is only our beginning. While other recovery services have only been able to recover card payments, we employ a "triple A" rated forensic team that will track down bitcoin, cash, bank transfers, PayPal, Western Union, Moneygram, and all other types of payments. As long as there is any type of monetary exchange, our professionals will follow the trail.

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Live Chat, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc. We have made provisions to ensure your stay connected with us all the time.

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How Do Binary Options Work?

While binary options trading is a legitimate financial instrument and not a scam itself, it is a high leverage market with an unpredictable nature. The field presents institutions, companies, and individuals the opportunity to make a lot of money. While not all binary options brokers are scam brokers, the market conditions and the nature of the financial instrument have led to many companies exploiting the industry and wealthy market.

Binary options as a financial instrument requires traders to decide on whether an underlying asset in the market such as a stock, currency, index, or commodity will go up or down in price in a given time period. Unlike traditional options, these options mature in a much shorter period, even as little as a minute. Binary options are marketed as legitimate investments, but they are considered extremely high-risk instruments, and when unregulated they are considered in many cases as fraudulent.


If you suspect any type of foul play, regardless your country or the amount involved. Let's handle it now !! don't wait till its too late.

We locate your funds

We take it back

You receive funds in your local bank account

These Binary option brokers over the past decade focused more on turning binary option from an investment to gambling and only the house wins

It is designed for you to lose, in an unregulated market where the brokers aim to suck their clients dry

We will make a difference one broker at a time, one client at a time till justice is serverd. Let us handle your asset recovery, you are in the best of hands.

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